Buy one, plant one


Our 100% hemp shirts are brilliant for the environment. The hemp plant is grown using only rainwater and no fertilisers or pesticides (which are rich in carbon) are sprayed onto the fields to aid growth. The plant itself sucks carbon out the air and converts it into good nutrients which it then puts back into the soil. 

Transport Miles

Although it would be incredible if we could grow the hemp and manufacture the shirts in the UK, that day is not anywhere near. Unfortunately, but done in order not to compromise on quality, the fabric and the shirts cover quite some distance in transit from India, to Portugal and onto England. 

In order to reduce Babble & Hemp's carbon footprint and to ensure that over its lifetime, each of our shirts ends up being carbon neutral - we plant one tree for every shirt sold.

How does this work?

Babble & Hemp is partnering with the UK's largest woodland creation organisation, Forest Carbon

Since 2006, they have planted 7.5 million trees across the UK, removing over 1,900,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The planting provides a host of other benefits, including flood mitigation, river improvement and parkland

For more information on Forest Carbon visit