The Process


Seeing the incredible potential to make fashion more sustainable, but struggling to find well made 100% hemp clothing anywhere, gave me the idea to do it myself

Shirts - the staple of every man's wardrobe - seemed like the obvious garment

Piecing it together

The environmental benefits of hemp spoke for themselves, but in order to create a product that would stand out - be loved - and would spread the word about hemp clothing, I had to create the highest quality shirt possible

Key to this was sourcing the world's finest hemp mill. After months of searching and many samples, I found it in India. Portugal's reputation as a premium shirt manufacturer, with good working conditions, and just a two hour flight from London, made it an obvious choice. I settled upon a family-run factory in the hills of northern Portugal. Founded in the 1930s, the factory has built its reputation on the fact that they only make shirts, and they do it beautifully. 


Two weeks after graduating I enjoyed a tour of the factory. Employing only highly skilled locals who receive fair wages, regular working hours and clean, comfortable conditions - I was thrilled. We shook hands and agreed they would make my first batch

Soon, 270 metres of the finest 100% hemp fabric was on a ship from Mumbai to Porto, where the tailors skilfully turned it into 160 shirts of my design


On August 23rd 2019, to my great excitement, the shirts arrived and were photographed for the evolving website...