Our Story

The Beginning

Back in February 2018 an email popped up from Edinburgh University, where I was a student, promoting a sustainable fashion trip to India. Knowing nothing about fashion, retail or where my clothes were made yet sensing an adventure - I applied 

That summer, a group of us travelled around India and witnessed first-hand a side of fashion that most people would never see, and if they knew the truth, would never want to


The Problem

We saw

  • Cotton fields pumped with fresh water and pesticides which then pollute rivers
  • Thousands of workers in dark, airless, factories. Many of which have collapsed on workers due to cost pressures from western brands

60% of the world's clothing is made from cotton. One cotton shirt consumes 2,700 litres of water throughout the growing and manufacturing process. Cotton production consumes 18% of worldwide pesticides. And yet, fast fashion of cheaply made garments at low prices means that, in the UK alone, 400,000 tonnes of clothing goes into landfill each year 

There didn't seem to be an obvious solution


Discovering Hemp

On the final day of the trip, in Mumbai, we learned about the incredible properties of hemp and its fascinating history

Back in England, armed with the dual knowledge of cotton's environmental damage and the social harms of fast fashion, I searched high and low for high quality, well designed, hemp clothing. When it turned out to be next to impossible to buy, I set out to create exactly that 

In 2019, whilst finishing my degree and building Babble & Hemp, I developed a strong interest in learning as much as possible about the environmental failure of clothing manufacturing

My aim is to learn from many of these failures of our culture of fast fashion to build a business which is environmentally responsible with minimal footprint. Above all, my priority is to create shirts of the utmost quality which you will love for a long time - making a real change and increasing the awareness of the tremendous benefits of hemp

Charlie Thomas                                                                                             Founder, Babble & Hemp