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"Babble & Hemp launched in 2019 making shirts from hemp, which is naturally soft, breathable, and unlike cotton, doesn’t need irrigation, chemicals or pesticides."

"Crumpling lightly, four times more durable than cotton and softening with each wash - could this be the only shirt you ever need?"

"It’s time to show moral fibre in choice of shirts, says Edinburgh graduate Charlie Thomas"

"The fashion leaders of tomorrow"

The first ever fabric known to man

Stretching back 5,000 years - hemp clothed ancient dynasties, propelled fleets to battle and was criminalised for its links to the cannabis plant.

Refined through modern milling - its return marks a cleaner future for the fashion industry.

Superior to cotton, as soft as linen

Growing organically using 5x less water than cotton and producing three times as much fiber as an acre of flax (linen) - hemp is the most sustainable natural fiber earth has.


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