Our Purpose

To reintroduce hemp to men's wardrobes and help make it the most used fabric on the planet, once again.

Until the 1700s hemp was earth's staple fabric. However, the relative ease of processing cotton and its softer finish at the time meant that people moved on from hemp. 

But the true mark of quality lies in never being forgotten, and as people evolve so do the fabrics we use. After 300 years in the doldrums, it's time for hemp to return.

The Old Way: Cotton

From field to factory, 2,700 litres of water are used to create one cotton shirt. Add in the pesticides, chemicals and their run-off into rivers and you're left with a dirty, thirsty business.

All this takes place in distant corners of our planet, a far cry from the comfortable lives we live. But the impact will be felt by all of us in years to come - the disappearance of the Aral Sea was our first warning.

The New Way: Hemp

As hemp grows in abundance requiring only sunlight and rainwater, its footprint is fractional compared to cotton.

Including washing at the shirtmaker, one hemp shirt uses 500 litres of water to make, and no chemicals or pesticides.

With an acre of hemp producing 3x as much fiber as flax (linen) and 5x as much as cotton, it is a far more sustainable resource.

The Best Shirts In The World - Our Inspiration

A summary of the brands that I studied as I got Babble & Hemp off the ground from my university bedroom and how they continue to inspire me today. 

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Our collection is currently of seven coloured shirts in sizes S-XL.

Each shirt name is inspired by a location or event in the fascinating history of hemp as we try to tell its story.

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How hemp fabric is made.

Our guide to the various steps involved in turning hemp plants into the fine, colourful fabric the shirts are made from.

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We're on a mission to reintroduce hemp to men's wardrobes and help make it the most used fabric on the planet. Discover why hemp shirts are so much more sustainable than their cotton equivalents.


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