• Pioneering uses for hemp

    Whilst being introduced to hemp in Mumbai, India in the summer of 2018, I was told stories of how it was the most used fabric on the planet until ...
  • How is hemp fabric made?

    Babble & Hemp's guide as to how hemp is turned from a tall, slim plant into a fine, elegant fabric for men's shirts.
  • Hemp: The Benefits of a Superior Fabric

    More than just perfectly suited to a summer’s evening stroll along the Thames, or a day by the sea in Italy - the benefits of hemp clothing run far deeper than the wearer often knows.
  • The Ones That Wore It Best: The Shirt

    An elegant staple of any man's wardrobe, shirts have been worn by sartorially fluent men for thousands of years.

    Below is the Babble & Hemp guide to some of our favourite shirt icons through the years.

  • The Best Shirts In The World - Our Inspiration

    There is one thing that has inspired me like nothing else on the journey so far, and that is how all brilliant shirt brands today also started off with their own tiny beginnings and individual stories.

    Here are my favourites..

  • The Evolution of Shirts

    Shirts have been a staple of every man’s wardrobe since records began. Their elegance and sophistication, yet simplicity mean they have stood the test of time, and quite frankly it’s hard to imagine a world without them (let’s hope so anyway..)
  • The History of Hemp

    The History of Hemp First converted from plants to wearable fabric by the ancient chinese, hemp spread around the globe powering the expansion of e...