Why all men should wear hemp clothing

Men’s hemp clothing - your first thought might be a boho, hippie style, viking kinda look. Upon googling hemp clothing as I started the company as a student that’s all I found - I wanted to change that so it appealed to everyone simply wanting to look their best.

Comfort - Soft against the skin, hemp fabric’s hollow fibres keep you cosy in the winter and allow it to breathe in the summer. Although soft on arrival, each wear and wash soften up the fibers which add to the individuality and charm of a hemp shirt which leads to a crumpling effect - unlike linen creasing famously.

Durable - For many of us the wardrobe revolves around staples that you can rely on for quality and style time and time again. The essentials... clothes with a story, minimal clutter..something like that. 

Fortunately hemp fabric is much stronger than cotton - so whereas cotton shirts wear at the collar and cuff where friction has been over the years - hemp will remain strong and pass the test of time. We won’t go quite as far as saying you never own a hemp shirt, you just look after it for the next generation...but you get the gist.

It’s an investment, improving with age whilst not needing a replacement. The only replacements will be passing on the cotton shirts to the charity shop..!

The durability is thanks to the length of the fibers. Ranging between four and seven feet in length (whereas linen fibers are usually less than half as long) mean threads of hemp have less joins which act as weak points.

man in petrol blue hemp shirt


Vibrant colours - Natural fibers don’t mean aesthetics and style are left behind. If you like vibrant colours, there’s good news for you. Due to the fabric’s porous nature, it retains its vibrancy much longer than other materials such as cotton.

For the summer our Samarkand Blue and Lymington Pink prevail as bestsellers whereas over the Christmas season the richer tones of Midnight Blue and Bourgogne Red prevail.

man In sustainable shirt


Working hard or hardly working?

As the world escaped corporate workplaces, city centers and large meetings when Covid hit we saw an increase in demand for shirts. Suddenly the requirement for stiff collars, double cuffs and a half windsor tie had vanished and people could imbue some personality to their outfit whilst zooming from the kitchen table and not worry about changing out of it to enjoy the evening's entertainment.

Our shirts are soft, cosy but timelessly classic meaning they really are adaptable for so many environments. 


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