Naturally, the story of Babble & Hemp is centred upon hemp being an incredibly sustainable fabric with a fascinating history. But many of my friends ask what exactly makes it so sustainable and different to better known fabrics.


The Benefits of Hemp Fabric


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The table below provides an easy to understand overview of how hemp outplays linen and cotton from an environmental point of view.


The Benefits of Hemp over Cotton and Linen  

a table explaining how hemp fabric is more sustainable than both cotton and linen


Offsetting our carbon footprint by planting trees


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From a CO2 point of view, hemp is brilliant because it uses no chemicals or pesticides (which are full of carbon) and sucks it out the atmosphere instead. As the popularity of hemp clothing grows, more farmers will grow it. 

We use the method of transport with the lowest carbon footprint - shipping to transport our shirts from our factory. Even this uses a lot of carbon, and in order to make the footprint of our shirts carbon neutral, we plant one tree for every shirt that we sell. 

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Minimal Waste


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As part of our mission to have as small an impact on the earth as possible, we strive to produce as little waste as possible. Our shirts are delivered inside a recyclable brown paper bag and the shirt accessories such as hang tag and ribbon made from recycled paper. 




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